San Diego Padres: Grading 3 hypothetical Juan Soto trade proposals

All eyes will be on the San Diego Padres this offseason as other organizations are monitoring their next move with Juan Soto. Will he be traded or stay in San Diego long-term?
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago Cubs trade OF Pete Crow-Armstrong (#12 MLB prospect), RHP Cade Horton (#29 MLB prospect), OF Kevin Alcantara (#71 MLB prospect) and RHP Ben Brown (#86 MLB prospect) to San Diego for Juan Soto

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The proposed Chicago Cubs trade interest is contingent upon them losing Cody Bellinger in free agency. Granted, the Cubs front office may not be inclined to give up a bushel of the organization’s top prospects for a rental player. But the Cubs are desperate to keep their fan’s interest, especially after the late-season collapse that cost them a Wild Card berth.

A blockbuster move like acquiring Soto would fill the seats at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. And the Cubs could absorb the financial commitment to make the young superstar a fixture in Chicago for the next decade.

Any potential trade offer from the Cubs must include Pete Crow-Armstrong and Cade Horton. Each player has a good shot of beginning the 2024 season in the majors. Also, the Padres must receive two other prospects who could make their major league debut at some point next summer.

Considering all circumstances, the Cubs trade package could be the best offer the Friars receive this winter.

While it may be unlikely the Padres will trade Soto this offseason, it is worth checking his value on the open market. However, there is a strong possibility that no team will be a compatible trade partner.