San Diego Padres: Grading 3 hypothetical Juan Soto trade proposals

All eyes will be on the San Diego Padres this offseason as other organizations are monitoring their next move with Juan Soto. Will he be traded or stay in San Diego long-term?
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The New York Yankees sends OF Spencer Jones (#73 MLB prospect), RHP Chase Hampton (#96 MLB prospect), SP Clarke Schmidt and SS-3B Trey Sweeney (#9 Yankees prospect) to San Diego for Juan Soto

Grade: B

The decision to trade Soto guarantees the Padres will not recoup the same level of prospects sent to the Washington Nationals two summers ago. Still, the New York Yankees are desperate to acquire an impactful bat to protect Aaron Judge in the batting lineup. The franchise is coming off a disappointing season, and has not won a World Series since 2009.

The Friars would receive two of the top prospects (Spencer Jones and Chase Hampton) in all of baseball. However, it will take time before Jones could replace Soto in the Padres batting order. Hampton is a little more advanced in the development process than the Padres top two pitching prospects (Robbie Snelling and Dylan Lasko).

The front office must decide if they’re retooling the roster or embarking on another rebuild. The first option will require a young, controllable major leaguer included in the package.

At 27, Clarke Schmidt completed his first full season as a major league starting pitcher (9-9 with a 4.64 ERA in 32 starts). Next season could be a breakout campaign for Schmidt establishing himself as a reliable third starter in the rotation.

What might entice the Padres to part with Soto if the Yanks include the organization’s ninth-ranked prospect, Trey Sweeney. Last season, he played shortstop, but Sweeney is expected to shift to third base in the majors. Quickly, he has established himself as one of the better minor league power hitters. Scouts rave about his hand-eye coordination, which allows Sweeney to make hard contact at the plate.

It is hard to imagine the Friars accepting a package from the Yankees without Sweeney included.