San Diego Padres fans relish Los Angeles Dodgers dropping out of playoffs

Sure, it was a disappointing season for the San Diego Padres, but some of the sting was apparently lessened when the Los Angeles Dodgers lost on Wednesday night.

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts
Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Take heart, San Diego Padres fans. It will once again be an October/November when the Los Angeles Dodgers will not finish on top of the MLB universe.

Call it petty. Call it silly. Call it what you will, but when the Dodgers were swept out of the 2023 postseason by the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night, Padres fans took to social media to express their joy for another year of postseason heartbreak for the Dodgers.

San Diego Padres fans react to Los Angeles Dodgers sweep

Sure, San Diego didn't make the postseason and put together one of the more disappointing seasons in recent memory. However, that doesn't mean that fans of the Friars couldn't take a little solace from what they saw happen with the Dodgers, who simply couldn't stop red-hot Arizona.

There were also plenty of reminders that, even though the Dodgers have ruled the division on so many occasions in recent years, their National League West counterparts have always played a hand in their eventual downfalls.

And yes, Padres fans were quick to point out that, even though their team didn't make the postseason, they still won as many playoff games as the juggernaut Dodgers.

So what comes next? Well, at least for a few days there will be plenty of barbs thrown back and forth between Dodgers and Padres fans on social media before the inevitable offseason blahs kick in. And there is still the matter of the Diamondbacks playing in the NLCS. Padres fans will have to decide how deep their division loyalty runs.

One thing is for sure ... it's going to be a long winter for both the Padres and Dodgers as neither team reached expectations this season. The countdown to March 20 in Seoul, South Korea is officially on for both franchises ... and their fans who just can't get enough of relishing in the other team's failures.