San Diego Padres: The dream starting lineup for the 2024 season

The San Diego Padres will look to improve their offense that struggled for much of the 2023 season. Constructing this dream lineup would go a long way.
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers
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2) Juan Soto - LF

I have no idea what Juan Soto's future is with this Padres team. Due to the organization's financial situation and his contract status, it's very possible they move on from him. Trading Soto before likely losing him in free agency wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but it'd put a huge crimp in San Diego's chances to compete in 2024. In this dream scenario, the Padres win the World Series and Soto plays a huge role in that.

After his rough start to the season, Soto gave the Padres the kind of season they were expecting when they gave up the farm to acquire him. He slashed .275/.410/.519 with 35 home runs and 109 RBI. He had a 158 OPS+ and even tied his career-high with 12 stolen bases.

Soto being the on-base and power machine he is makes him the perfect number two hitter. He struggled in that spot this past season, but there's no reason to believe he'd struggle there all the time.

If Soto is with the Padres in 2024, expect him to be a huge reason why this team makes it back to the playoffs and makes the big run they hoped they'd make this past season.