San Diego Padres promotional schedule for the 2023 MLB season: The best giveaways and how to get tickets

San Diego Padres Fans enter Petco Park before the game.
San Diego Padres Fans enter Petco Park before the game. / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

With another homestand underway for the San Diego Padres, now is the perfect time to plan your next trip to Petco Park (and pick up some nice Padres swag in the process).

From hats to calendars to bobbleheads, there are plenty of things on the 2023 San Diego Padres promotional calendar for the rest of the season. Most promotions by the Padres have giveaways for the first 40,000 fans, including the much-coveted bobbleheads.

How to get Padres bobbleheads for 2023: Schedule and details

Here are the remaining dates where Padres bobbleheads will be given away.

Manny Machado City Connect bobblehead — May 15 vs. Kansas City

Yu Darvish 3,000 strikeout bobblehead — July 24 vs. Pittsburgh

Ha Seong-Kim bobblehead — August 22 vs. Miami

Fernando Tatis Jr. bobblehead — September 5 vs. Philadelphia

Grab tickets to any Padres game, including bobblehead games, through this link.

Padres top 2023 promotions other than bobbleheads

While bobbleheads may draw the crowds, there are certainlty plenty of other cool items that will be up for grabs at Petco Park the rest of the season.

Let's start with some headwear. The Joe Musgrove bucket hat (May 2 against Cincinnati) can be effective for the rest of the season against the San Diego sun. If bucket hats aren't your thing, wait until August 7 against the Dodgers and you can grab a Padres straw hat.

If you're going for the Musgrove bucket hat on May 2, come back soon for your dose of furry cuteness. Five days later (May 7 against the Dodgers), you can pick up a Padres and Pets calendar. Hey, it wouldn't be Petco Park without a tribute to our furry best friends, right?

June 7 against Cleveland will feature a Padres Hawaiian shirt that brings out the color just like San Diego's City Connect uniforms.

Finally, speaking of the City Connect uniforms, you can get your Xander Bogaerts City Connect jersey shirt on September 18 against Colorado.

These aren't all of the promotional items on the calendar (which you can see here), but they definitely were the ones that jumped out at me. So plan your trip to Petco Park, then see if you can stump your friends by asking them who is the only 100-game winner on the mound in Padres history.