Padres ugly weekend vs Mets outdone by former top prospect fighting teammate

One of the key pieces from the Juan Soto trade got into quite the scuffle over the weekend.
Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres
Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

It is safe to say that the San Diego Padres are probably wishing they could forget this past weekend ever happened. Not only did they get swept by the Mets in convincing fashion, but the Padres' frustrations boiled over in a big way as both Manny Machado and manager Mike Shildt were ejected from the series finale after taking issue with the strike zone.

Look, ejections happen and are usually not overly newsworthy. Sometimes, a guy has to blow off some steam, especially when their gripes with the umpiring are valid.

However, the Padres histrionics were outdone by one of their former top prospects, Mackenzie Gore, getting into an actual shoving match in the dugout with teammate Nick Senzel.

Mackenzie Gore's shoving match in Nationals dugout is a reminder to Padres that things could always be worse

Gore was famously traded to the Nationals in the deal that brought Juan Soto to San Diego, and at one point was considered one of the better pitching prospects in all of baseball. He has rounded into form with the Nationals this year, but he clearly wasn't happy with the effort Senzel made on a throw from third that didn't appear to have much zip on it, which allowed a run to score.

That said, Gore's issue with Senzel does feel a bit out of place here. The grounder in question was deep and really close to the line. Senzel made a good play to even get to the ball, and a strong throw still wasn't a lock to get the runner. Perhaps there is more to the conflict than we know, but it feels pretty weak if that is what got Gore so upset ... although the fight still has nothing on the battle that Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper had in the Nationals dugout back in 2015.

In short, losing the way the Padres did to the Mets certainly had to be brutal and tempers definitely started to flare. They got swept in New York and were outscored 17-8. However, their former top prospect reminded them that things could always be worse.

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