Padres fans will chuckle at Bob Melvin’s rant following SF Giants sixth straight loss

What's that, Bob?!
San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin
San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin / Andy Kuno/San Francisco Giants/GettyImages

The grass isn't always greener on the other side — and it's certainly not greener in San Francisco. Former San Diego Padres manager, and current San Francisco Giants skipper, Bob Melvin is finding that out the hard way.

Melvin took his ball and went back "home" this past offseason after not having much success with the Padres. Melvin led the Friars for two seasons, and while he did help take the Padres to the NLCS in 2022, Melvin's tenure in San Diego was not a pleasant one.

When the Giants' head job opened up this past fall, San Francisco requested permission to interview Melvin for their managerial vacancy. Seeing that Melvin was not in a fit for the Padres, San Diego granted San Fran's request. Melvin is from the area, spent 11 years in Oakland, and the move made sense for both parties.

But after investing heavily in several free agents this offseason, Melvin's Giants haven't gotten off to a good start. But a recent surge over about a week ago made it look as if San Francisco could claw their way back into the NL West race. That was, of course, until the Giants lost six straight and San Fran now sits behind the Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Arizona Diamondbacks in the division.

Padres fans will chuckle at Bob Melvin’s rant following SF Giants sixth straight loss

Melvin had obviously seen enough of his team's horrible trend after Tuesday's loss to the D-backs. Arizona led 4-2 heading after the sixth inning and then put the game on a ice with a four-spot in the top of the seventh. San Fran has lost six straight, are just 7-16 against teams with a winning record, and have a -34 run differential. Perhaps all those factors are what drove Melvin to go into a tizzy after the game.

Among other things, Melvin said, "When you're going through losing streaks, at least you fight. For the most part we have. That was an awful game...We had a starter on the ropes every inning and couldn't cash in. It's a bad game and a bad stretch by us."

No lies detected there, Bob. But the Padres definitely can't point fingers. The Friars have lost three in a row, including two to the lowly Los Angeles Angels. San Diego became the first team all season to allow the Halos to win a series at home, so that's nothing to write home about.

The NL West isn't a runaway, though the Dodgers are certainly at the head of the class. But the Diamondbacks are surging at the moment while the Giants are, to quote Melvin, "running around in quicksand". The Padres need to get off the scheid and run off a few wins in a row to put some distance between themselves and the other NL West contenders.

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