Padres fans dreaming of Dodgers revenge with Bleacher Report's trade deadline take

Do the Padres still need to add to their roster?
San Diego Padres executive A.J. Preller
San Diego Padres executive A.J. Preller / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

San Diego Padres President of Baseball Operations AJ Preller has never been one to play it safe. Preller is always looking to upgrade the Padres roster. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't, but the Friar faithful can never say that Preller doesn't try. Could the Padres top decision-maker be up to his old tricks once again?

Bleacher Report believes the answer to that question is a resounding "yes." The outlet's most recent publication titled 8 Early Predictions for the 2024 MLB Trade Deadline cites several teams that could be buyers and sellers before the July 30 deadline.

The Padres just so happen to find themselves on the list, and Bleacher Report is under the impression that San Diego will be the most aggressive team at this year's trade deadline. Seeing as how the Friars already swung an early-season trade for Luis Arráez a little over a month after adding Dylan Cease to the roster, there's reason to believe that this prediction could come true.

Padres fans dreaming of sticking it to Dodgers after Bleacher Report's trade deadline prediction

The prediction goes one step beyond just assuming the Padres will be buyers at the trade deadline. In fact, the name Pete Alonso even appears as a potential trade target for the Friars ahead of this year's deadline date.

Alonso is, of course, the New York Mets first baseman who's in the final year of his contract. While reports suggest the Mets will try to keep Alonso in Queens for the foreseeable future, if New York is out of the playoff race near the All-Star break, it's quite possible that president of baseball operations David Stearns may be looking to unload the three-time All-Star. In just his sixth major league season, Alonso already has over 200 big flies.

Upgrades to the bullpen and starting rotation are mentioned as well. In short, Pads fans should expect the unexpected this season. With the Los Angeles Dodgers having loaded up on top-level talent, the Padres can't afford to sit back and build through the farm system.

San Diego has players who've come up through the organization like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Jackson Merrill, but the Padres need some more high-level performers on the roster in order to keep pace with LA. That will likely mean Preller will have to go big-game hunting at the trade deadline.

Will Bleacher Report's prediction come true? Padres fans sure hope so. Though many would have you believe that the race for the National League pennant is a two-team affair between the Dodgers and Atlanta Braves, don't count out the Padres — especially if Preller swings for the fences at the trade deadline.

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