Padres fan pays the price for trying to get in on walk-off celebration

While it is funny now, a fan's excursion on to the field was nothing to celebrate.
Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres
Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages

While it may SEEM like a good idea in the moment, when one has had a few (or several) too many beers to run onto the field of any sporting event, it is absolutely not. Not only does it interrupt the game for the tens of thousands of people watching, but it is a genuine safety hazard both for the players and stadium employees, and for the moronic fans that decide to do so. Unfortunately, one San Diego Padres fan found that last part out the hard way over the weekend.

The Padres' walk-off win against the Arizona Diamondbacks had almost everything you could want from a baseball game. Clutch hits, a huge rally, and ninth inning heroics from Manny Machado. However, as Machado got to home plate and started celebrating, he realized that one of the people celebrating was not a familiar face.

Yep, a Padres fan had gotten on to the field and was celebrating with him before getting gang-tackled by field security in a moment where you could see that he regretted his life choices.

While funny now, Padres fan's idiocy was actually pretty scary

We can all laugh about this now at least. While it isn't a great idea to celebrate these sorts of fans and shouldn't give the time of day, the frames of the video where you see the realization on Machado's face that the fan wasn't supposed to be there followed by the guy (rightly) getting drilled into the ground like a New York Giants quarterback was extremely satisfying.

However, this isn't something that should be condoned nor should it ever have happened. It is honestly hard to believe that the fan was able to get to the celebration at home plate at all. With violence at sporting events being a real danger, including with the Padres, this is a situation that could have ended a whole lot worse.

Point blank, the Padres just need to do better with security at games. Baseball games should be a safe place for fans to enjoy what is a really fun team right now instead of having to indulge these idiots who want their moment in the sun before getting banned for life from Petco Park. Hopefully this incident is a reminder that San Diego should try to do better and that that fan has no business going to an MLB game again.

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