Old, nightmarish video comes back to haunt Padres after embarrassing Phillies sweep

Phillies fans are making San Diego fans re-live one of the more cringe moments in Padres history.
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For the San Diego Padres, getting swept by the Phillies last weekend was bad enough. The Padres' pitchers couldn't slow down the Phillies at all with Philadelphia averaging north of seven runs a game during the series. Making matters worse, the Padres' offense was inconsistent at best, and some of the missed scoring opportunities were pure nightmare fuel.

When a series against a big market team goes as sideways as last weekend's did, the opposing fans come out in force. Most Phillies fans were just out there beating their chest about how amazing they are, but a few took the opportunity to unearth a gem of a video where Padres fans were trolling the Phillies (or at least trying to) that has very much not aged well.

Padres fans' "That's what's in" video making the rounds for the worst reason

For reference, several Padres fans managed to get in front of a news camera before the 2022 NLCS against the Phillies to show off their "That's what's in" rally song. The song was always very cringe, to say the least, but that also added to some of the charm of the whole thing -- at least if you're a Padres fan who was looking for any excuse to get hyped up.

Unfortunately, if you put yourself out there like these fans do, it can really come back to bite you. Not only did the Padres lose that NLCS 4-1 in convincing fashion to the Phillies, but Philly fans have clearly not forgotten about the song, and made absolutely sure to use it to rub the sweep in the Padres' faces.

This isn't a full "when bulletin board material goes wrong" type of thing because fans say and do wild stuff all the time. However, the Phillies destroying the Padres ever since that video came out was a reminder that if you poke the bear, especially when the bear is a fanbase as toxic as Philadelphia's, you may end up regretting having a public record of your cringe-level trolling.

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