Nationals' meltdown vs Padres continued with altercation between Jesse Winker and fan

You mad, bro?
Washington Nationals outfielder Jesse Winker
Washington Nationals outfielder Jesse Winker / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Washington Nationals took a three-run lead into the bottom of the 10th inning on Monday night and walked out losers after Jurickson Profar's walk-off double. So it's easy to see why the Nats might be a little salty, right?

But why in the world did Nationals' outfielder Jesse Winker get into an argument with a Padres fan after San Diego's 7-6 victory over Washington? The Nats' slugger was seen in a rather heated exchange with one of the Friar faithful before walking back to the dugout after the game.

What caused Jesse Winker to get into a shouting match with a Padres fan?

A video shared to social media showed Winker having a back-and-forth with a Padres fan. With the crowd still cheering following the Friars' win, it's difficult to hear exactly what's said. But the fan can be overheard saying, "That's cheap! That's bush league!"

There's an inaudible exchange between the fan and Winker, but the Nats' outfielder can be heard saying, "Yeah, that's right." The Pads fan then says, "I'm 66, what are you, 26?" That would seem to suggest that perhaps Winker wanted to take the disagreement to the next level.

Another video from the minor fracas shows a different angle, and gives bit more insight as to the fan's dissatisfaction. Fewer, if any words are more audible, but the fan appears to take exception to the up-and-in pitch to Profar during the final at-bat.

With the bases loaded, Nationals' reliever Hunter Harvey got two strikes on Profar before sitting the Padres' outfielder on his backside with a fastball that nearly struck him in the helmet. Harvey's next pitch was inside as well.

Whatever the beef was, thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and Winker walked back to the dugout and eventually the clubhouse without incident. The exact opposite happened last season when Los Angeles Angels' infielder Anthony Rendon got into a brief altercation with a fan. The fan was heckling Rendon, who responded by grabbing the patron's collar. The incident resulted in minor police investigation and eventual four-game suspension for Rendon.

With no physical altercation taking place on Monday, it's doubtful that Winker will be disciplined by the league. It is worth noting, however, that Winker left the field of play to confront the individual. Maybe next time Winker should stay on field — which is something the former All-Star has had a hard time doing over his career.

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