MLB power rankings: Where the San Diego Padres stand in terms of 3 key statistics

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There are plenty of MLB power rankings out there you can look at to see where various writers have ranked the San Diego Padres heading into the month of May. However, we're going to do a little something different here to kick off the month in terms of listing the Padres among their MLB rivals.

In this article, let's look at cold, hard data to see where the Padres really stand in terms of three categories compared to the rest of the National League West and MLB teams overall.

MLB Power Rankings: Where the San Diego Padres rank in home runs

It's only right to start our power rankings list with the actual category of power, right? Coming into Monday's home game against the Cincinnati Reds, San Diego has hit 35 home runs as a team, putting them in the top 10 among all MLB squads. The Dodgers, meanwhile rank second (47), with the Giants right behind them at 46. Arizona (25) and Colorado (22) are both in the bottom 10.

As a note, Xander Bogaerts leads the Padres with six homers, while Juan Soto is right behind him at 5.

Here's the complete power rankings by team home runs (league average is 32)

1. Tampa Bay Rays, 61

2. Los Angeles Dodgers, 47

3. San Francisco Giants, 46

4. Atlanta Braves, 41

5. Los Angeles Angels, 39

T6. Minnesota Twins, 38

T6. Texas Rangers, 38

T8. Boston Red Sox, 37

T8. Chicago Cubs, 37

10. San Diego Padres, 35

T11. Baltimore Orioles, 34

T11. New York Yankees, 34

13. Pittsburgh Pirates, 34

T14. Milwaukee Brewers, 33

T14. Oakland Athletics, 33

T14. Philadelphia Phillies, 33

17. St. Louis Cardinals, 32

T18. Seattle Mariners, 31

T18. Toronto Blue Jays, 31

20. Chicago White Sox, 28

T21. Houston Astros, 27

T21. New York Mets, 27

23. Miami Marlins, 26

24. Arizona Diamondbacks, 25

25. Colorado Rockies, 22

T26. Detroit Tigers, 20

T26. Kansas City Royals, 20

28. Cincinnati Reds, 19

29. Cleveland Guardians, 17

30. Washington Nationals,15