Milwaukee's Rowdy Tellez dishes on his beef with the San Diego Padres mascot

San Diego Padres mascot, the Swinging Friar
San Diego Padres mascot, the Swinging Friar / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Mascots are an interesting thing in the world of sports. They are loved by children and often avoided by adults (unless there is a selfie that needs to be taken for social media purposes, of course).

Apparently, however, there is one adult in Milwaukee who will be keeping an eye on the San Diego Padres mascot. Yes, the Swinging Friar has made an impression on Rowdy Tellez of the Milwaukee Brewers. Even without saying a word, the Friar let the Brewers slugger that they could very well be brothers from another mother.

San Diego Padres mascot and his head games with Rowdy Tellez of the Milwaukee Brewers

Speaking to the hosts of Foul Territory TV, Tellez shared a story about his recent encounter with The Swinging Friar when the Brewers visited San Diego for a series back in mid-April.

Granted, we see where the Friar is coming from as he and Tellez share a lack of hair on top and plenty of muscle around the middle. However, maybe the Friar shouldn't have poked Tellez too much. After all, the Brewers basher did hit three home runs in the four-game series in San Diego, helping Milwaukee win three of the four contests. In all, Tellez went 7-for-16 with three homers and seven RBI at Petco Park, putting together a slash line of .438/.474/1.000 in the process.

Tellez will have another chance to meet up with the Padres later this season when San Diego heads to Wisconsin for a three-game set from August 25-27. Maybe with the Friar back in San Diego, Tellez will decide to let bygones be bygones.

Now it's a question of if one of the Padres will have any discussions with Bernie Brewer about body types and comparisons while in Milwaukee. We're thinking he and Matt Carpenter could have quite the discussion about mustache care during San Diego's upcoming visit to the Upper Midwest.