Mike Shildt's Xander Bogaerts injury update was useless word salad for Padres fans

While it does seem like the Padres avoided the worst with Xander Bogaerts, we still need more information.
San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks
San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Ever since Xander Bogaerts hurt himself in the San Diego Padres' game against the Braves over the weekend, fans have been eager for updates. While Bogaerts hasn't played well this season, he was starting to show signs of breaking out of his doldrums before hurting his shoulder.

Moreover, the injury did not look good at the time, so many were already looking ahead to what the Padres' plans could be long-term if he is out for a while.

When Padres manager Mike Shildt was asked about Bagaerts status and while the news was mostly good, the injury update was also extremely vague. No specifics about the severity and no semblance of a timetable was provided.

Padres News: Mike Shildt's injury update on Xander Bogaerts was useless

The phrase "best-case scenario" is doing a lot of work in this update. Yes, it is good that Bogaerts' initial scans didn't reveal that his shoulder was shattered or completely dislocated. However, Bogaerts' immediate reaction after the play certainly didn't look like he mildly strained his shoulder, either.

The best guess is that the Padres need to wait on the other test results. He clearly doesn't have some easily identifiable structural damage which is a good sign, but they are going to do their due diligence before putting a timeline on his return or make a decision on whether or not he needs to head to the injured list. A smart decision, but also one that sort of forced Shildt into providing a non-update on his short-term status.

In the next day or two, we should know more. It is probably a safe bet that the Padres will stay away from Bogaerts for at least a couple of games even if the shoulder injury is indeed minor, but we could also see him hit the injured list if the team feels like playing it cautious is necessary, or if they find a more severe underlying problem.

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