Michael King clearly trolls Yankees fans with post about new Padres signing

The former Yankees starter has been a busy making sure to let the Yankees know they will regret letting him leave.
New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals
New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

While the Juan Soto trade was a low point for the San Diego Padres this offseason, the Padres still received quite the haul for him given that he is about to be a free agent after the season. While there are a number of players San Diego fans should be excited about for the future from the trade, the headliner of the deal without question was starter Michael King.

Aside from the fact that King is poised to be a crucial part of the Padres' rotation for years to come, he has also been very busy promoting his new squad at the expense of the Yankees. Recently, when he was asked about the trade, King famously said that the Padres won the trade without equivocation. Whether that ends up true remains to be seen, but one has to admire his confidence.

King was not done trolling the Yankees there, though. On Wednesday, the Padres signed Wandy Peralta and King wasted no time to welcome his former teammate from New York while giving a subtle jab at the Yankees once again.

Padres starter Michael King's reaction to signing Wandy Peralta

In all reality, King was just excited to see Peralta join him in San Diego, and equally excited to pop a brown hat on an old photo of the Yankees' pinstripes. Peralta was a productive reliever for New York from 2021-2023 and King became firmly entrenched in their bullpen around the same time, so the two guys clearly knew each other well from their dueling tenures. It also speaks well to how the Padres' clubhouse chemistry is shaking out ahead of the 2024 season.

However, one cannot help but take his welcome to Peralta in the context of his previous comments about the trade. King clearly has a chip on his shoulder from being seen as expendable by New York and he is not going to let them forget it if the Padres show out this season with all of the former Yankees on their roster.

This sets the stage for a truly fun series against the Yankees at the end of May. If New York struggles to that point and/or the Padres dominate the series with help from San Diego's newest members, you can rest assured that King is probably going to let fans know about it, too.

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