Meet the Padres' top managerial candidates gunning to replace Bob Melvin

Chicago Cubs manager David Ross (3) in the dugout before a game
Chicago Cubs manager David Ross (3) in the dugout before a game / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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David Ross, former Chicago Cubs manager

Newly ousted Chicago Cubs manager David Ross has been connected to the Padres' manager position for less than 48 hours at the time of writing, which makes sense given than Ross only found out the Cubs gave away his job less than 72 hours ago. Ross, a former player like Ryan Flaherty with a lot of goodwill in Chicago, had what started as an okay 2023 season there but what eventually fizzled and died out when the Cubs needed to simmer and boil over the most.

Of the three full seasons he managed the Cubs, 2021-2023, they only ever managed one winning season this year, which has led the prevailing sentiment to reflect Cubs fans' approval of the switch. That's not a fantastic sell for Ross in San Diego, especially up against Shildt, but the Padres are a team that don't really make much sense as it is. Whatever decision AJ Preller and the front office come to, expectations are that they'll do it soon.

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