Matching San Diego Padres players with their Taylor Swift eras

If you didn't think there was a way to mesh members of the San Diego Padres with Taylor Swift and her sold-out Eras Tour, well, think again.
Taylor Swift performers in Cincinnati
Taylor Swift performers in Cincinnati / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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San Diego Padres catcher Austin Nola
San Diego Padres catcher Austin Nola / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Swift Era and matching San Diego Padres player — debut / Austin Nola

Her take: love him, hate him. he’s been with the team for a while. he’s just trying to find his place (in this world) this season.

Our take: In this era, Swift was making her mark in country music and was the opening act for other country artists rather than her own stand-alone star. We'll say Nola here as well because Gary Sanchez praised Nola in our exclusive talk with him for helping him get acclimated to the Padres and their pitching staff. Like Swift back then, she would do things that would catch people's eyes, but would often bow out of the limelight to let someone else take center stage. Sounds like the Nola-Sanchez relationship to us.

Taylor Swift Era and matching San Diego Padres player — fearless / Manny Machado

Her take: the original superstar. fearless was taylor’s first album to get a grammy. manny is the team’s long standing mvp. plus, both fearless era taylor and manny have a habit of telling it exactly like it is.

Our take: This is the tour where Swift would begin the habit of drawing her lucky number (13) on her hand prior to every show. Machado wears number 13, so it makes sense to us.

Also, Swift's "You Belong With Me" debuted during this era as well. That seems to fit the Padres' views of Machado after signing an 11-year, $350 million extension in the offseason.