Longest winning streak in Padres franchise history

The San Diego Padres' longest win streak ever featured some of the Padres' all-time greats.
San Diego Padres v Chicago Cubs
San Diego Padres v Chicago Cubs / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Before the offseason following the 2023 season, which saw the team lose a lot of really important parts of their roster, the San Diego Padres had been among the more dangerous teams in baseball when they got hot. While the 2023 season was objectively a disaster, the Padres still managed to pile up multiple win streaks of seven games or more in recent years.

That said, the recent incarnations of the Padres' roster failed to threaten the franchise's record win streak. To find that record Padres win streak, we have to go a lot further back to a time where some of the team's best players of all time were at the height of their powers.

San Diego Padres longest win streak: 14 games, June 18-July 2, 1999

The 1999 Padres were coming off a World Series appearance in 1998. In that Fall Classic, they were swept by the Yankees, which would leave some clubs downtrodden. Kevin Brown and Ken Caminiti had left in free agency, and while future Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman were still on the roster, the Padres were a decidedly weaker team overall.

However, lightning struck in June 1999, which saw the Padres rattle off 14 straight wins and seemingly start to turn around their season. They swept the Dodgers twice in that span, which is always a nice bonus. Unfortunately, the good times came to an end against the Rockies, as San Diego lost a slugfest at Coors Field. No Padres team through 2023 has strung together more than 11 wins in a row other than that 1999 squad.

Unfortunately, that win streak proved to be the highlight of the 1999 season for San Diego. The Padres could not win on the road to save their lives that season (other than during the win streak), and a rough second half resulted in a 74-88 record at season's end. The 1999 season would also mark the last time that Tony Gwynn made an All-Star team (non-Honorary division) and he would retire a couple years later.

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