Who are the last 5 San Diego Padres players with 100 RBI in a single season?

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Matt Kemp of the San Diego Padres
Matt Kemp of the San Diego Padres / Andy Hayt/GettyImages

2) Last 5 Padres players with 100 RBI: Matt Kemp 2015 (100)

You did read that correctly. You have to go back eight years to find a player not named Manny Machado who has driven in 100 runs in a single season for this team. It's that bad.

It's important to note that the Padres have had some players come incredibly close to 100 in this span. Tatis Jr. drove in 97 in 2021. Eric Hosmer was one skinny RBI short, knocking in 99 in 2019. Wil Myers was six shy as he drove in 94 in 2016. Matt Kemp was the last one to get to 100.

After tormenting them for many years in a Dodgers uniform, the Padres acquired Matt Kemp in a trade with their rivals to try and turn things around for themselves. The Padres obviously underperformed in Kemp's first year with the club as they won just 74 games, but Kemp had a decent year.

He slashed .265/.312/.443 with 23 home runs and 100 RBI on the year. He wasn't quite the MVP-caliber player he was just a couple years prior in Los Angeles, but he did come through a lot in big spots.

This was Kemp's high-water mark during his short stint with the Padres, although he did drive in 69 runs in 100 games before being shipped off to Atlanta in 2016. He wound up driving in 108 that year, and had a chance to do all of that with San Diego had they kept him.