Jurickson Profar had best response to Dodgers’ disrespect on Sunday Night Baseball

Jurickson Profar showed the Dodgers how "relevant" he is on Sunday.
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages

The San Diego Padres faced off against the hated Dodgers over the weekend and it did not take long for tempers to flare. Dodgers pitcher Gavin Stone let loose a pitch that came dangerously close to hitting Jurickson Profar in the head, which very nearly resulted in a brawl between the two teams.

Making matters worse, LA catcher Will Smith decided to take a shot at Profar when explaining the situation by saying that the Dodgers throwing at Profar on purpose wouldn't make any sense because Profar is "kind of irrelevant."

Profar and the Padres made sure to make Smith eat those words on Sunday. Not only did Profar come up big with a three-run double late in San Diego's win on Sunday that proved to be the difference in the game while the Padres absolutely roasted Smith in the aftermath, but Profar's understated response to all of the drama was absolutely perfect.

Padres' Jurickson Profar let his play do the talking amidst Will Smith-Dodgers drama

Profar's answer to being asked about the kerfuffle was just brilliant. He didn't get sucked into things and give the Dodgers any bulletin board material for themselves, and basically said that he doesn't trash talk through the media the way Smith did. He just let his play do the talking, but his smile through that whole segment let everyone know that he was quite happy with how things turned out.

This was yet another reminder that players need to be careful with what they say because it will turn into motivation for the opposing dugout. Yes, the Dodgers are the better team on paper and are still widely considered to be among the best teams in baseball. Yes, LA spent an obscene amount of money to beef up their roster this offseason while the Padres had to take a step back payroll-wise.

However, the Padres are very clearly not going to be intimidated by the Dodgers and are very capable of beating them, whether LA thinks they're "relevant" or not.

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