Former Padres first-round pick Sean Burroughs dies suddenly at the age of 43

The former two-time Little League World Series champion's passing came as he was coaching his son's team.
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An earlier version of this article misstated Burroughs' age; he was four months away from turning 44 years old.

Baseball is a sport that brings everyone together, and is a tradition that can be handed down from one generation to another. The San Diego Padres have had a lot of players earn the rare privilege of wearing their big league uniform, including former first round pick Sean Burroughs.

Burroughs played in San Diego from 2002-2005 before finishing his big league career in 2012, and held a memorable place in Padres lore, as a top-10 pick and top prospect with enormous expectations thrust upon him.

Sadly, the reason we are reminded of him today and the role he played is tragic, as he passed away suddenly at the age of 43, still surrounded by baseball.

This is just an incredibly sad story. While the details of what exactly happened haven't been reported yet, that Burroughs died while he was coaching his son playing the game he loved and devoted his life to is unbelievably unfair. Our thoughts and love are with his family and friends, and hopefully Padres fans are sending their love as well.

Padres News: Former Padres first-rounder Sean Burroughs passed away suddenly at 43 years old

After being made the ninth overall pick out of high school by the Padres, Burroughs would be named the 2000 Futures Game MVP and made his big league debut in 2002. During his four-season run with San Diego, he averaged a .282/.340/.360 line at third base. He struggled after being traded to the Rays in 2006, and a collision at second base nearly ended his career.

However, Burroughs did mount a comeback after a couple years away from the game and played parts of the 2011 and 2012 seasons with the Diamondbacks and Twins respectively.

Days like today are a reminder that baseball is just a small part of life, even for those that make it their careers. It is also a reminder that when tragedy strikes, fans like those in San Diego can hopefully be a part of helping those impacted get through what must be one of the lowest points of their lives. Hug your loved ones a little harder today and make sure you show your love to the Burroughs family in any way you can.

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