Evaluating the prospect package the Padres surrendered in the Dylan Cease trade

Here is a look at who the Padres gave up to land Dylan Cease and how the Padres did in the trade overall.
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Samuel Zavala

Zavala is just an all-around solid bat. While he hasn't really hit for a particular high average in the minors, that is primarily due to the fact that he is so adept at getting on base via walks. At just 19 years old, Zavala's approach at the plate is beyond his years, and he has shown a wide-ranging toolkit as well, with both his power and speed showing up in games in 2023 during his climb to High-A.

Zavala is still a ways away from a big league roster spot, and with San Diego having short-term needs, he is the kind of prospect to move. He has upside, but maybe not as high as other outfield options down the line. Certainly a significant loss, but not one from which there is no recovery.

Steven Wilson

For good measure, the Padres threw in reliever Steven Wilson. Wilson has been decidedly medium in his two seasons with San Diego. Over the course of 102 appearances with the Padres, Wilson put up a 3.48 ERA and 4.33 FIP while striking out around a batter an inning. Walks have really held Wilson back, as his 4.0 BB/9 walk rate is right at the border of what is acceptable, given his other numbers.

While not a huge piece of San Diego's bullpen, Wilson did cover a lot of innings over the past couple of years. It won't be trivial to replace that production, and adds to the puzzling nature of this move from a pure net value perspective.