5 trade packages that could convince the Padres to trade Ha-Seong Kim

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Mets send 3B/OF Brett Baty, OF DJ Stewart, and OF Alex Ramirez

A recurring theme here may be that third base is a major concern for a lot of teams this offseason, because the Mets are no exception. They struggled through 2023 and saw a lot of shifting after the Mets sent Brett Baty back down to the minors. Although the Mets do still seem to have a considerable deal of faith in Baty, his many blunders at third base this year had fans wondering when the team should give up on the experiment. His occasional flashes of proficiency at the plate and his No. 2 ranking as a prospect last year do still speak in his favor and would pull a considerable amount of weight in a trade package.

DJ Stewart was a late-season call up for the Mets, who needed some help in the outfield due to injuries that kept Starling Marte off the field for about half the season. He went on a tear at the end of the season, finishing with a .244/.333/.506 line and 11 home runs in 58 games. Alex Ramírez, the Mets' No. 6 prospect who is currently on their 40-man, could be kicked in as a sweetener for a Padres top 30 prospect list that's top-heavy with pitchers and wanting for position players.

Steve Cohen has professed belief in his young players, including Brett Baty, Ronny Mauricio, who will presumably be out for a while with a torn ACL, and Francisco Alvarez, and a desire to stand by them. However, if the Mets are going to continue to have issues at third base with routine fly balls, they might want to consider a switch for him.

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