5 trade packages that could convince the Padres to trade Ha-Seong Kim

San Diego Padres v Milwaukee Brewers
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Blue Jays send 2B Davis Schneider, SS/3B Orelvis Martinez, and OF Alan Roden

After losing Matt Chapman to free agency this year, the Blue Jays are also hurting for an elite third baseman to replace him. Getting Kim would add a slightly weaker bat but one with more of a penchant for contact, a faster baserunner, and an equally good defensive third baseman. The Blue Jays expected defensive lineup at third next year looks pretty bleak, with seven different players expected to make starts there throughout the year. Kim could be a perfect stabilizing agent.

In return for Kim, the Blue Jays could send second baseman Davis Schneider, who they have reportedly received check-ins for, and hit a barnstorming .276/.404/.603 after being called up from the minors in early August. The Padres infield, and specifically second base, is incredibly crowded at the moment, but they could form a platoon with Schneider and Jake Cronenworth, who has been nothing short of disappointing at the plate, switching out starts at second.

The Blue Jays have one of the lowest-ranked farm systems in MLB, but No. 2 Orelvis Martinez, who also ranks at 93rd in all of MiLB, is a highlight. He batted .263/.340/.507 in Double- and Triple-A this year and is expected to play in the major leagues next season. Alan Roden is a little lower down the list at No. 7 and is still in Double-A, but he's worked his way through the minors quickly and batted .310/.421/.460 after being promoted this season.