5 trade destinations for Juan Soto if the San Diego Padres decide to sell

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Baltimore Orioles third baseman Gunnar Henderson
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4) Padres trade destination for Juan Soto: Baltimore Orioles

Will this happen? Probably not. The Orioles are known to be stingy with money and Juan Soto makes a lot of it. He is going to make even more of it when he hits free agency. The chances of him staying in Baltimore are low, but that shouldn't matter.

The Orioles are a team that has catapulted itself into a team that should try and win right now. Last season they were competitive at the deadline, but decided to sell. This season is completely different. They're 57-37 on the year. You don't get to 20 games over .500 by accident. They're legit, and adding a superstar to their lineup would give them one of the best lineups in baseball.

Slotting Juan Soto between the likes of Adley Rutschman, Gunnar Henderson, and Anthony Santander would be a treat to watch, and considering Soto's age, he fits the timeline.

For as good as the Orioles now, they're also a team loaded with prospect capital. Jackson Holliday is the headliner as he's the best prospect in all of baseball, but the Orioles have several other pieces San Diego would want. The Orioles could trade three or four of them and not skip a beat.