5 trade destinations for Blake Snell if the San Diego Padres decide to sell

If the San Diego Padres decide to be sellers at the MLB trade deadline, Blake Snell could be a valuable trade piece that could help the Friars target a strong 2024 and beyond.
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3) Padres trade destination for Blake Snell: Los Angeles Dodgers

Look, I know all about the division rivalry. I truly get not wanting to watch Blake Snell put on a Dodger uniform and potentially win the World Series. However, if the Padres are selling, that's them waving the white flag on 2023. The Dodgers improving for just this season really doesn't mean that much. The goal of trading Snell should be getting the best return possible, and the Dodgers could very well be the team to offer that.

Despite a slew of injuries, particularly to their rotation, the Dodgers are right in position to win the NL West once again. For them to achieve that goal and their goal of winning the World Series, they might just have to add to their rotation because of all of the injuries.

Right now, the only reliable arms they have are Julio Urias and Tony Gonsollin. Bobby Miller has been solid but has also made just nine starts in the majors. Guys like Gavin Stone, Michael Grove, and Emmet Sheehan just don't cut it for a World Series rotation.

The Dodgers hope to have Walker Buehler back sometime down the stretch, but anyone recovering from Tommy John Surgery can have a setback at any moment. Clayton Kershaw should come back sometime soon but he's been injury-prone in recent years. Noah Syndergaard should also be back soon but he hasn't pitched well at all. The need for a starter is glaring, and Snell would help them a lot.

Like the Orioles, Los Angeles has eight prospects in MLB.com's top 100 list. Diego Cartaya is probably off limits, but maybe their other catching prospect Dalton Rushing can be acquired. Maybe one of their young arms like Stone or Sheehan who aren't built to win a World Series in 2023 but can be great down the line would be made available.

As much as it'd hurt to see the Dodgers succeed with Snell on their roster, getting a good return is what's most important here. The Dodgers have the desperation and prospect capital to make a deal happen.