5 important San Diego Padres roster decisions to be made after disappointing season

The San Diego Padres have many questions to answer following their disastrous 2023 season.
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2) How do the Padres plan on rounding out the rotation?

When it comes to the starting rotation, there are a bunch of questions that need to be answered. Two-fifths of the rotation is filled with Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove, but the rest leaves a lot to be desired.

Blake Snell is a free agent, and chances are he's gone. That right there means the Padres lose the likely Cy Young winner in the National League and get nothing for him. Seth Lugo has a player option worth $7.5 million which it's already been reported that he's expected to decline. San Diego could bring him back, but who knows? Michael Wacha has a club option worth $16 million. Wacha was awesome for the Padres this past season, but $16 million isn't exactly cheap. Even Nick Martinez (who can start) has a $16 million club option.

Do the Padres trust guys like Matt Waldron or Pedro Avila to be in their rotation full-time? I wouldn't, but who knows what Preller is thinking? The rotation has the chance to go from a clear strength to a potential glaring weakness if the Padres don't handle things correctly.

My guess is the Padres will at the very least bring Wacha back and will try to bring in another two starters. Whether that's done in free agency or on the trade market remains to be seen. They have the frontline guys, but rotations need depth. The Padres have none of that.