4 players the San Diego Padres can get at the trade deadline who will help them in 2024

With 2023 looking like a lost season for the San Diego Padres, all eyes are on 2024. Acquiring these four players will help for next season.

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Scott Barlow of the Kansas City Royals
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2) Kansas City Royals reliever Scott Barlow can help the Padres win in 2024

If the Padres do decide to sell at the trade deadline, Josh Hader is expected to be a name many contenders pursue. Hader is one of, if not the best closer in the game, and San Diego should get a good amount back of what they gave up to acquire him at the deadline last season.

Whether the Padres trade Hader or not, acquiring Scott Barlow from the Royals makes a lot of sense. He can help set up for the star closer if he's still here, and he can close to finish this season as well as next season.

Barlow has been one of the more underrated relievers in baseball in recent years because he's played on some awful Royals teams, but would be a great addition if Preller were to pull it off.

The right-hander has had a down year posting a 4.89 ERA in 34 appearances this season, but his ERA has been inflated by a handful of awful outings. 25 of his 34 outings have been scoreless, and he's given up more than one run in an appearance just six times.

Barlow has one more year of arbitration before hitting free agency following the 2024 season. He's not as good as Hader, but few relievers are. He'd be a solid replacement.