3 surprising prospects who will shine at Padres spring training in 2024

The Padres have some fun decisions to make this spring with some surprising prospects potentially in play.
Iowa's Adam Mazur (33) delivers a pitch during a NCAA Big Ten Conference baseball game against
Iowa's Adam Mazur (33) delivers a pitch during a NCAA Big Ten Conference baseball game against / Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen /
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Jakob Marsee

Back to the outfield, the Padres seemingly have a lot of options although few of them can be described as ideal fits. Most of the discussion so far regarding their outfield has been on guys that aren't even currently primarily outfielders at the moment. However, one name that IS an outfielder to keep an eye on is Jakob Marsee.

The Padres' sixth round pick in the 2022 draft out of Central Michigan has proven to be quite the bargain so far as a pro. In both of his seasons as a pro, he has walked more than he has struck out and his .840 OPS in the minors has been a testament to his ability to get on base a ton while also showing a bit of power along the way.

While he isn't a burner, he has the instincts and baseball IQ to get the most out of the speed he has as he stole 46 bags in 2023 as he made his way all the way to Double-A last year. There are some questions as to whether or not those stolen base numbers project into the future as well as whether he will hit for a lot of power going forward, but there is no denying that this dude can hit and get on base.

Given that Marsee only has a handful of games at Double-A, the safe bet is that he will start the 2024 season in the minors. However, Marsee's patient approach at the plate is very likely to pay dividends this spring and if he can show that he is more than just a guy that can draw a lot of walks in camp, expect the calls to give him an opportunity during the season to get louder and louder especially if San Diego's outfield isn't producing in the first half.

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