3 San Diego Padres players who won't be on the roster on September 1

The rest of August is critical for the San Diego Padres and the team needs to make sure these players are not a part of a last-gasp run for the postseason.
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San Diego Padres right fielder Ben Gamel
San Diego Padres right fielder Ben Gamel / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

3) Padres outfielder Ben Gamel has no role on this Padres team

The Padres made an under-the-radar move prior to the MLB Trade Deadline, acquiring Ben Gamel in a deal with the Rays. Gamel has a .717 OPS in eight seasons and has been a fine bench outfielder, but the Padres already have that with Jose Azocar.

Azocar isn't as good of a hitter as Gamel is, but he can provide value in the field and on the base paths that Gamel cannot. The Padres run the trio of Soto, Grisham, and Tatis in the outfield virtually every day. While this team has a puncher's chance at a postseason spot, it's safe to say none of these three will rest much if at all unless there is an injury.

Gamel does provide some versatility as he saw some time at first base in the minors, but even then, is he really playing over Jake Cronenworth, Garrett Cooper, or Ji-Man Choi when he returns? Probably not. And there really isn't anyone you'd want him to pinch hit for either.

It's a shame the Padres don't have much depth, but when Choi does return from the IL, Gamel's spot is there for him to take. Unfortunately San Diego would have to risk losing him as he doesn't have options, but that's how this goes sometimes.