3 San Diego Padres players who won't be on the roster on September 1

The rest of August is critical for the San Diego Padres and the team needs to make sure these players are not a part of a last-gasp run for the postseason.
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San Diego Padres infielder Matt Carpenter
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2) The San Diego Padres will eventually have to cut their losses with Matt Carpenter

I have absolutely no idea how Matt Carpenter has lasted as long as he has. The Padres Opening Day DH against righties played his way out of his starting role by the time the first half ended.

Carpenter has eight appearances (five starts) and 19 plate appearances since the All-Star break. He has just three appearances (one start) and two at-bats in the month of August. He has lost virtually all of his playing time, yet he's still here.

Carpenter is slashing .170/.301/.304 with four home runs and 28 RBI. He was one of few Padres who hit in the month of April, but he's done nothing since. Even with Ji-Man Choi out and San Diego's offense still not performing, Carpenter still has a roster spot.

I'm sure the fact that Carpenter has another year left on his contract has something to do with it (Nelson Cruz did not when he got DFA'd), but if this team does want to make their unlikely run, having a player wasting a roster spot over someone else who could potentially contribute doesn't help.