3 possible trade destinations that make sense for the San Diego Padres and Juan Soto

The MLB offseason has not officially begun, but all the media speculation has centered on the potential trade of San Diego Padres Juan Soto. Here are three possible destinations for the young supertstar.
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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New York Yankees

Speaking of underperforming teams, the New York Yankees seem like the best trade destination for Soto. Their front office must act swiftly to reverse their fortunes after failing to make the postseason. Acquiring another big bat to expand their lineup is a top priority this offseason.

It has never been clearer how important Aaron Judge is to the Yankees offense. Opposing teams rarely pitched to him because the lineup did not have enough proven run producers hitting behind Judge. Last season's numbers do not lie as the Yanks floundering offense ranked 29th in the majors with a team batting average of .227 and ranked 25th in team runs scored with 673. Acquiring Soto should help to kickstart a listless attack.

Multiple media outlets have reported the Yankees and Padres had preliminary trade talks about the availability of Soto. No one can confirm how close the deal is to being consummated, as both organizations are beginning to formulate their offseason plans.

Chicago Cubs

It does not take a genius to realize big market teams have more resources to acquire Soto in any potential trade. The Chicago Cubs will be a suitor for the young outfielder's services. They have constructed a pipeline of quality prospects that could be cornerstone pieces in a package to acquire superstar talent.

The Cubs could be in the market for a proven left-handed hitter, as Cody Bellinger is eligible for free agency once the World Series concludes. The former National League MVP rebounded from his struggles with the Los Angeles Dodgers to have an outstanding season in the Windy City. Bellinger batted .307 with 26 HRs and 97 RBIs last season. He will attract an audience on the open market.

Trading for Soto would be the perfect replacement option should Bellinger depart. But the Cubs may abandon their pursuit of the outfielder if he refuses to negotiate a long-term deal with the franchise. Money will not be an issue as it is more about Soto having the opportunity to compete for a World Series title. The Cubs will need to add more complimentary pieces to the mix.