3 Padres who could be playing for the Dodgers next season

The San Diego Padres could lose three key free agents to the division rival Dodgers this offseason.

Blake Snell during the 2023 season with the Padres
Blake Snell during the 2023 season with the Padres / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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3) Seth Lugo

The need for multiple rotation arms for this Dodgers team is very real. The only pitcher they can realistically fully rely on to pitch for them is Bobby Miller. Walker Bueher should, but he's already had a setback trying to come back from Tommy John Surgery. Who's to say there won't be another one? The Dodgers have other young arms looking to prove themselves, but Miller is the only one that's really stood out.

With that in mind, the Dodgers will pursue frontline starters, but also need some mid-rotation guys to help round out the staff. With that in mind, Seth Lugo makes a lot of sense.

Lugo joined the Padres on a two-year deal last offseason looking to prove himself as a starting pitcher. He did just that, posting a 3.57 ERA in 26 starts for the Padres. Virtually every time he was handed the ball, he gave San Diego a chance to win. He won't throw seven scoreless often, but six innings with two or three runs allowed happens very consistently.

The Dodgers have pitchers with potential who are unproven. Lugo might not be an ace, but he's a proven mid-rotation arm. Los Angeles would be more than happy to stick him in as their third or fourth starter for two or three years on reasonable money.