3 Padres players who stood out and 3 who stumbled in May

San Diego Padres v New York Yankees
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San Diego Padres starting pitcher Michael Wacha
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Padres pitcher Michael Wacha stood out in May

Michael Wacha's first month as a San Diego Padre did not go as anyone expected. It had some good moments like his six shutout innings with ten strikeouts in Atlanta, but he had four other mediocre to bad starts. He ended April with an ERA of 6.75. Not exactly what you want in the back end of your rotation.

The month of May has been a completely different story as Wacha has been one of only a handful of Padres players to find any sort of consistency.

In his five starts and 32 innings of work he's allowed a grand total of three earned runs. This included good outings against solid teams like the Twins, Red Sox, and Yankees.

Wacha has allowed just 16 hits in his 32 innings of work which is a remarkable development after allowing 33 in 25.1 innings of work in April. He might not be striking many out, but he's inducing soft contact and limiting mistakes, which is all you can really ask for.

The Padres obviously don't expect him to have an ERA below 1.00, but Wacha is stablizing himself in the back end of this rotation, and that's awesome to see.