3 Padres players who won't be on the roster by June 1st

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San Diego Padres relief pitcher Tom Cosgrove
San Diego Padres relief pitcher Tom Cosgrove / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

3) Padres pitcher Tom Cosgrove won't be on the roster by June 1st

Carlton going down wouldn't be the fairest thing in the world, but he only has one appearance this season. Tom Cosgrove going down would be way more unfair, but I can still see it happening.

The Padres left-hander has made eight appearances since his recall in late April and has pitched beautifully. In 7.2 scoreless innings, he's given up just three hits to go along with one walk and six strikeouts. The Padres couldn't have asked for more than what they've gotten from Cosgrove.

Again, this is an options game. Cosgrove has all of his options left, and while he's been great, he's practically a mop-up guy. His appearances have mostly been in low-leverage.

Cosgrove already has four games finished which for a random reliever is a lot. The reason is he's pitched a lot of eighth and ninth innings in games that were practically out of reach. These guys have value, especially when they're as effective as Cosgrove has been, but they're also easy to replace.

As a left-hander, it would be nice if Cosgrove got some meaningful work alongside Tim Hill against other tough left-handed batters, but this hasn't happened yet. Eventually the Padres will need fresh arms, and Cosgrove, like Carlton, is an easy arm to replace on the active roster.

With Nabil Crismatt nearing a potential return, one of these optionable arms will go down. Carlton will undoubtedly go first, but that leaves Cosgrove next on the chopping block.