3 Padres players the fans are growing impatient with

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San Diego Padres center fielder Trent Grisham
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3) Padres fans are losing patience with Trent Grisham

At this point, Trent Grisham is what he is. He's a guy who lives and dies by the three true outcomes. He'll hit some homers, draw walks, and strikeout a ton. What makes him playable is his terrific defense in center field, a premium position.

The thing with 2023 Trent Grisham is his defense hasn't even been the same. After ranking in the 99th percentile in outs above average last season, Grisham is only in the 58th percentile this season. Grisham won a Gold Glove last season and likely won't be in the conversation this season. With his bat providing little value, he's definitely a frustrating player to watch right now.

Grisham is slashing .205/.322/.378 with four home runs and 12 RBI. He's walking a lot as his 21 walks drawn is tied for 19th in the league (with Jake Cronenworth), but his 44 strikeouts are also tied for 19th in the league. He's walking more than he ever has by a sizeable margin, but is also striking out more than he ever as, as he's fanning at a 29.3% clip.

Grisham's 98 OPS+ is certainly better than his mark from 2022, but his defense has fallen dramatically, which is why he's just a 0.2 bWAR player right now. Grisham showed much more potential in 2020 and 2021, and to see him become the offensive player he is now is certainly disappointing.

I'm not saying the Padres have to upgrade, but it wouldn't hurt to look. Again, the defense is the issue here. If he's a below average hitter and not providing the Gold Glove defense, what exactly is he good for? Walking? The Padres are second in the league in walks. They don't score, and Grisham doesn't help with that. If he can't defend, he's not helping much at all.