3 Padres players the fans are growing impatient with

San Diego Padres v Minnesota Twins
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Fans of the San Diego Padres are beginning to grow just a little bit impatient with the team. The Padres sit at 19-20 which isn't horrible, but the team should be way better.

San Diego has gotten mostly solid pitching this season, but they rank 25th in runs scored. The only teams worse in that category are the Athletics, Nationals, Tigers, Marlins, and Guardians. Cleveland should improve, but for the most part, the Padres are not surrounded by company they want to be around.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is back and has swung the bat well since returning. The team, however, is just 10-9 with him. Several players are underperforming, and they'll have to improve if the Padres want to realize their World Series aspirations. Juan Soto has begun to turn his season around, but there're other players Padres fans are starting to lose patience with.

1) Padres fans are growing impatient with Manny Machado

Will he turn his season around? Very likely. However, Manny Machado has been abysmal to begin the 2023 season.

The Padres superstar is slashing .243/.288/.392 with just five home runs and 18 RBI through his first 37 games of the season. He's on pace to have his worst offensive season by far, and has been a below average hitter overall with an OPS+ of 90.

Machado is not getting on base, and is not hitting for power. The defense, as always, has been elite, but his bat has been nowhere to be found. Could moving him down in the order provide a spark? It's hard to win when your number three hitter has a .679 OPS, just slightly better than Ha-Seong Kim's .671 OPS.

It might be unfair considering how good Machado has been since signing in San Diego, but this team is going nowhere with Machado playing like this.

The Padres need to score runs and they need their stars to be at the center of that. Since coming back, Tatis has done that. Despite some struggles lately, Xander Bogaerts has done that. Juan Soto has done that, especially of late. Machado has to step up.