3 non-tendered players the San Diego Padres should sign immediately

The San Diego Padres could find key components of their 2024 roster among the players who were non-tendered last week. We have identified three who the Friars should sign immediately.
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C Jacob Stallings

The Padres are ready to hand over the full-time catching duties to Luis Campusano or Ethan Salas. Each is known more as an offensive threat than for their defensive skills. The added production is something the Friars lineup has been lacking for far too long.

At 33 years old, Jacob Stallings may not have the skills to be a starting catcher. But his knowledge and experience would be a welcome addition to the locker room. Thus, the former Gold Glove winner would be the perfect backup catcher for the Friars in 2024.

Last season, Stallings struggled at the plate by hitting .191 with 3 home runs and 20 RBI in 241 at-bats. But no one could deny he had another stellar season behind home plate. Stallings prevent runs by blocking pitches in the dirt and calling a good game. He could assist with the defensive development of San Diego's young catchers.

Questions remain about Campusano and Salas' effectiveness behind the dish. Both catchers must improve defensively before reaching their full potential in the majors. Stallings would be a valuable mentor to them next season.