3 free agent starters not named Blake Snell that the San Diego Padres should consider signing

With Blake Snell likely leaving in free agency, the Padres must address the rotation this offseason.
San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell
San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
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2) Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito was in the midst of a bounce back year with the White Sox, posting a 3.79 ERA in 21 starts before he was traded to the Angels. He had a 6.89 ERA for the Angels, and then finished his season with a 7.04 ERA with the Guardians. Not a good finish, but the signs were there that the pitcher who was among the best in the AL from 2019-2021 could be on his way back.

Giolito received Cy Young votes in all three of those seasons, and had solidified himself as the ace in the White Sox rotation. He's had his share of struggles since, but even then, the Padres would welcome the production Giolito has had in the last two years.

At his worst, Giolito is still a pitcher that is extremely durable and will take the ball every fifth day. He's made at least 29 starts in each of the last five full seasons (excluding 2020) and has thrown at least 161.2 innings. Yes, the innings aren't always quality, but innings are extremely valuable.

Giolito had his ups and downs this past season and still had 4.1 more innings pitched than Snell who just won a Cy Young award. At his best, he'll soak up around 200 quality innings. At his worst, they'll be a bit less quality, but the innings will still be there. He grew up in Southern California, is 29 years old, and would fit in beautifully in the middle of the rotation. He won't come cheap, but he'll obviously be a whole lot cheaper than Snell.