1 move every NL West team could make that would hurt the San Diego Padres

Each NL West team making these moves would make life even more challenging for the San Diego Padres
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The Arizona Diamondbacks signing Matt Chapman would hurt the San Diego Padres

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a team that just won the NL Pennant and can get a whole lot better this offseason. They have two gigantic areas of need. One, they could use another starter to avoid having to resort to a bullpen game in key postseason games. Two, they could really use a third baseman.

Arizona third basemen ranked 29th in the majors with just 10 home runs all of last season, and tied for 26th in the majors with a 75 WRC+. Those figures, obviously, must be improved. Evan Longoria is now a free agent, and a guy like Emmanuel Rivera doesn't feel like the solution.

Arizona could put top prospect Jordan Lawlar at short and shift Geraldo Perdomo to third base, but they realistlcally should look for a big upgrade. Matt Chapman can be a frustrating player at times, but he'd be that big upgrade.

Chapman might strikeout a ton and hit for a low average, but he does two things extremely well. One, he can hit for plenty of power. The Diamondbacks were 22nd in the majors in home runs last season, so adding the 25-30 Chapman would provide would be awesome. Chapman is also an elite defender. They'd be upgrading in a major way on that side of the ball.

Chapman being the best infielder in this weak free agency class could mean Arizona is priced out, but if they do somehow land him, that'd be bad news for the Padres.