1 move every NL West team could make that would hurt the San Diego Padres

Each NL West team making these moves would make life even more challenging for the San Diego Padres
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The San Francisco Giants signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto would hurt the San Diego Padres

The Giants are a team ready to spend big after a disappointing regular season and a disappointing 2022 offseason. The Giants were extremely close to landing Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa at separate times last offseason only to land neither. The team needs a new face of the franchise and has boatloads of money to spend.

Their top target is Shohei Ohtani, but it doesn't feel like they're among the favorites to land him. They can, however, land fellow Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

By landing Yamamoto, the Giants would have one of the best frontlines to a rotation in baseball right now with Logan Webb pitching alongside him. They can definitely use a bat, but passing on a 25-year-old ace isn't something San Francisco will likely do.

By pairing the 25-year-old Yamamoto with 27-year-old Logan Webb at the top of the rotation, the Giants aren't only set up to win with that pitching right now, but they can win for a long time. As hard as it'd be to see them land a guy like Cody Bellinger coming off such a good season, putting him in that ballpark might be more appealing than watching Yamamoto dominate in a Giants uniform for the next seven or eight years.

It feels like the Giants will land some sort of star with how aggressive it seems that they're going to be financially. Just don't let it be Yamamoto.