3 ways the Padres can lose the MLB trade deadline

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The San Diego Padres are connected to several trade rumors that could help bolster their inconsistent offense, but focusing too much on one area of improvement may do the team more harm than good.

The Padres are seemingly focusing most heavily on improving the outfield, which is important but won’t single-handedly fix the team’s issues. They should focus on improving other positions, as well as put less focus on others.

If San Diego makes these mistakes, they won’t benefit the way they should at the trade deadline.

Padres not trading for another catcher

The Padres current catchers aren’t doing well in the lineup. Jorge Alfaro hits with decent power, but he doesn’t have a good eye. He has the team’s second-worst walk percentage (4.7) and worst strikeout percentage (33.6).

Austin Nola strikes out much less than Alfaro and gets walked slightly more often, but he hits with the least amount of power on the team. The lineup could undoubtedly use some upgrades from catchers.

San Diego has been tied to trade rumors involving Willson Contreras, which suggests they may be considering adding another catcher to the team.

However, Contreras is popular on the trade market and isn’t guaranteed to end up in San Diego. If the Padres don’t land him, they shouldn’t give up on looking for catchers. If they don’t prioritize upgrading the position that brings some of the worst results to the lineup, they may not benefit from the trade the way they should.

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