Jorge Alfaro pushes Padres to walk-off over Diamondbacks (video)

The San Diego Padres just keep rolling even after star third baseman Manny Machado suffered an ankle injury over the weekend.

On Tuesday, catcher Jorge Alfaro pushed the Friars over the Diamondbacks, 3-2, with a hit in the 11th inning for their sixth walk-off victory of the year.

San Diego tied the game 2-2 in the sixth inning when Eric Hosmer hit a home run, and each team was held down for five more innings. Alfaro took on the responsibility to put the ball into play, no matter what type of hit he produced, and secured a series win against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

“My first swing, I tried to cut the ball in half. I stepped out: ‘You have to relax. You just have to hit the ball, try to put the ball in play.’” -Jorge Alfaro, via

Jorge Alfaro’s walk-off sends San Diego Padres to victory over Diamondbacks

Alfaro has brought the team to last-minute victory twice so far this season. Early last month, he secured a win against the Miami Marlins with a three-run home run in the ninth inning, the only three runs scored that game.

That was a significant moment, and even though he didn’t produce a hit nearly as big this time, the impact on the team was just as meaningful.

The Padres now have the most walk-off victories in the NL and second-most overall.

“It’s good to see his approach kind of morphing into something we can work with right now. During his career, he’s had trouble controlling the zone and maybe offering outside the zone. But he’s tightened that zone up a lot this year, and I think that’s what added to his success and him having some big hits for us.” -Acting manager Ryan Christenson, via