Padres rumors: An Andrew Benintendi trade could help OF troubles

The San Diego Padres are determined to make their team even stronger approaching the trade deadline. Rumors have circulated that Andrew Benintendi may be a Padres trade target, as first reported by James Clark of the East Village Times (hat-tip Royals Review).

Though the Padres are doing well enough defensively, their offense is lacking and some lineup changes are necessary. Benintendi may not be the most potent hitter in the league, but he’s a realistic trade and would enhance a lineup that needs some help.

How could a Andrew Benintendi trade benefit the San Diego Padres?

Benintendi is a notable defensive player. Though that’s not where weakness lies with the Friars, he’d be able to replace weaker hitters in the lineup. The Padres’ outfield doesn’t have many strong hitters, and he is a clear upgrade in the outfield.

Having a slugger comparable to Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. would be ideal, but Benintendi could still help provide what the team lacks without performing at that level. He’s hitting better than Padres’ outfielders, who are  hitting .217/.299/.332 for an OPS of .631, while Benintendi is hitting .298/.365/.387 for an OPS of .752.

He has multiple awards as well, with his work in the field earning a Gold Glove Award in 2021. He’d make a great addition in the outfield alongside Jurickson Profar, the Padres’ strongest outfielder.

The two have produced very similar results in left field. Out of 59 games each this season, Profar has three saved runs and Benintendi has two. Out of 100 total chances, Profar has produced 92 putouts, six assists, two double plays, and only two errors.

Benintendi, out of 108 total chances, has produced 107 putouts, one assist and no errors. Both players are well-rounded and can perform fairly strong both offensively and defensively, which is important to a team that needs that structure.

He’d be a step in the right direction for the Padres among a weak offense. Though he’s not a star MLB hitter, he’d add strength in place of current outfielders and enhance the team. He’d also be realistic for the Padres’ budget with an $8.5 million contract through this season and free agency eligibility next season.