Padres: Fernando Tatis Jr. DESTROYS Trevor Bauer on social media

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Trevor Bauer drives me absolutely nuts. I’m all for making the game more exciting. Give me the swagger, give me bat flips and heated rivalries. But this guy brings attention to himself in all the wrong ways. The latest example? Calling out Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. for supposedly sneaking a peak at the catcher’s signs before taking him deep (again) this weekend.

Tatis Jr. put on a clinic this weekend, en route to NL Player of the Week honors, popping a pair of home runs against Clayton Kershaw and then making sure Bauer got a taste, as well – hitting two more on Saturday night.

So, of course, Bauer had to go and shoot his mouth off on Twitter – and wound up looking like a clown.

Of course, Bauer praised Tatis Jr. for mimicking him by covering his eye rounding the bases on one home and then doing the Connor McGregor strut as he crossed home plate on the second. But to suggest Tatis Jr. is stealing signs just because somebody on social media says as much is ridiculous – and both Bauer and the Dodgers know better.

Not that such circumstances would ever stop Bauer’s antics. That’s what this guy is all about.

"“That’s the type of stuff that would get you hit in other games,” Bauer said after the game before Tatis Jr. buried him on Twitter. “Now, I’m mild mannered about it. Flip the bat, do all that stuff, fine. If you’re going to look at the signs, not OK, and if you do it again, the team that you’re playing probably isn’t going to take too kindly, and there might have to be some on-field stuff.”"

Tatis Jr. is slugging his way into the record books. dark. Next

We won’t get more Dodgers-Padres drama until June, but you can bet that these emotions will quickly re-surface once these two teams share the field again this summer. Personally, I’m looking forward to Tatis Jr. showing Bauer that he is, indeed, his daddy, many more times over before the end of the season.