Ranking San Diego Padres uniforms from worst to best

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San Diego Padres
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My wife strongly disagrees with me, but I think the San Diego Padres have the best collection of uniforms in all of Major League Baseball.

(Seriously, as a Chicago native, I bought a Jake Arrieta All-Star Game jersey five years ago and, to this day, she loathes whenever it makes an appearance. Brown and gold just don’t do it for her).

But now that I cover the Padres and see the uniforms on a near-daily basis in one way or another, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the full rundown of options Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado don every week.

Now, this is set up as a worst-to-best rankings, but in all honestly, I don’t think there’s a bad option here. It’s just drop-dead gorgeous swagger, 162 times a year with some bonus fire come October. Let’s dive in.

Padres Uniforms: #4 Camouflage Armed Forces

The Padres have a long-standing tradition of supporting the armed forces with camouflage uniforms. The design of those jerseys has changed over the years – with the latest featuring two distinct looks.

The first features a green urban camouflage print and the second utilizes sand-olive in more of a desert-vibe look. Both uniforms showcase the American flag on the left sleeve and the Swinging Friar on the right. Of course, San Diego is a major hub for the armed forces and you can often see United States Marines at Petco Park on game day.

While this is a really cool tradition and something that stands out when looking at the 30 MLB teams and their uniforms, for me, they just lack the cleanness and simplicity that make the team’s three primary looks so strong.