Padres versus Cardinals: Three questions with Redbird Rants

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Ahead of the Padres playoff matchup with the Cardinals, we asked three burning questions with Redbird Rants.

We went behind enemy lines and asked fellow FanSided site, Redbird Rants, a few questions leading into the Padres and Cardinals playoff matchup.

Q1. What player in the batting order, aside from Goldschmidt, could step up and be a thorn in the side for SD?

A1: I think you really need to watch out for in this lineup right now is top prospect, Dylan Carlson. Carlson’s year-long numbers aren’t great, but since his return to the bigs on September 18th, he’s batting .278/.325/.611 with seven extra-base hits in 11 games. He was moved up to clean up on the last day of the season, and I’d expect him to bat there for the Wild Card round, but he has been our hottest hitter in the past two weeks by far.

Q2. Where are the Cardinals vulnerable?

A2: The Cardinals are just plain bad offensively. On the year, they ranked 22nd in batting average, 27th in slugging percentage, 19th in wRC+, 30th in ISO, and 14th in OBP. Playing at Petco isn’t going to help them. We’ve seen the offense step up and put up a big number some days, then they disappear the next. If the offense goes cold, we don’t stand a chance.

Q3. Predictions for the series?

A3: As much as I’d love to think we win this series, I’m not sure I can predict that we will. We have good pitching, but the Padres offense is suffocating. Other than the fact that we have postseason vets like Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright, and Dexter Fowler on our side, I’m not sure inexperience is going to weigh heavy enough without fans and in such a short series. I think the Cardinals get one game but ultimately lose in three.

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Special thank you to Redbird Rants for the feedback.