Padres: Fernando Tatis Jr. Among Favorites for NL MVP in Latest Betting Line

As new betting lines come out for a shortened 2020 baseball season, the young shortstop for the San Deigo Padres was among the favorites for MVP.

We all know anything can happen in baseball over a 60-game stretch. Hopefully the San Diego Padres will catch fire and work their way into the playoffs.

But I think we’re also going to see some players get hot and put up some ridiculous numbers that will catapult them into the MVP conversation.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is certainly a player capable of putting together a long run of success like that.

The recent betting lines from The Action Network sixth most likely player to win the NL MVP in 2020.

It’s kind of incredible to see his name among that list of players considering Tatis has only played 84 games in the big leagues. But that just shows you what people inside and outside of baseball think of his potential.

When Tatis returned from injury last June he went on a tear that would have certainly put him in the MVP discussion in a shortened season.

Over 45 games he hit .344 with 13 home runs, 40 runs scored, 32 RBI, and 8 stolen bases.

It’s not that farfetched to believe he could sustain that kind of success over a 60-game season and put himself in the running for the NL MVP.

If Tatis can win the award it would be just the second time in franchise History a Padres player has won the MVP and the first time since Ken Caminiti won it in 1996.

I certainly think Taits will compete for the NL MVP a lot over the next decade. However, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a 21-year-old over a short season.

At the same time, the kids these days seem to relish under pressure — or either it just doesn’t bother them.

Most of the players on that list above are still just kids.

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Certainly, if Tatis can have an MVP-type 2020 it can only mean good things for the success of the Padres. Let’s just hope the Padres shortstop is healthy and ready to go when the season finally gets underway.

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