Padres MLB Draft: What’s Left to Sign Cole Wilcox?

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San Diego Padres payroll
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How much money is left?

With five of their six draft picks now locked up, we move on to figuring out how they can sign Cole Wilcox.

They started with $10,674,000 of draft pool money to use on their six picks. And there is some room to go over there before being penalized.

The Padres somehow were able to get all five of their other picks for under slot value.

A key one was Thomas. While I wrote about Thomas after he was picked and love his potential as a middle reliever one day, it was pretty obvious the Padres were hoping to save a lot of money with him.

And boy did they save some money signing him for $453,000 less than the value of that pick. I almost feel bad for the guy and how the Padres lowballed him.

Keep in mind, if the Padres didn’t sign him they would have lost the $533,000 for that pick. It’s not like they could have just let him walk and then still use the money for that pick on someone else.

They had to sign him in order to be able to use the savings on someone else.

San Diego saved $98,000 with Haynes, which is minuscule in comparison to the others.

Another huge one was Hassell where the Padres saved nearly $1 million — it was $876,900 in actuality.

With Lange they saved $148,100 and with Owens they saved $450,196.

Altogether, they saved $2,026,196 after signing those five players.