Padres News: MLB reportedly set to implement 60-game season

After the MLBPA turned down the league’s proposal, it seems that MLB is preparing for a 60-game season. Padres baseball? Padres baseball.

This rollercoaster of negotiations looks like it finally has an endpoint. One day after the MLBPA was set to vote whether to accept or reject the league’s proposal. Instead, a letter from the MLBPA President Tony Clark pushed the vote to Monday, which The Association rejected by a 33-5 vote. And the last option left was for MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to determine the schedule.

It appears that may now happen, as the league has asked The Association if players can report to camp by July 1 while also signing off on health and safety protocols. Meaning….MLB is planning to proceed with a season, despite the recent spike in COVID-19 cases across the country.

MLB has asked that a response be provided by Tuesday at 5 pm (ET) with answers to two questions as well. As noted:

  1. Can the players report by July 1?
  2. Will the MLBPA sign off on the health and safety protocols?

Regarding the first question, I don’t particularly see that being a problem as the players have repeatedly said, “When and Where”. They are ready to play. They want to play. However, the second question could be the biggest factor, as we seemed to have forgotten that there is a pandemic going on.

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As noted in a previous post, the Blue Jays and Phillies have both reported positive tests in their camps. We’ll see how they respond, but it would appear that would be very close to seeing the Padres play this season.

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